Hans Hedlund | CEO

Born at the Arctic Circle and loves all year hiking all over the world
Passion for both daily hikes and trekking for weeks

Maria Heed | Editor-in–Chief

Born In Södermalm-Stockholm and loves to spend time in nature
Loves smooth hikes with all amennities available but never says no to a rough winterhike or summit climbs in Africa

Joakim Gellner | Executive Producer

Certified wildlife guide
Executive Producer(TV/Video)
Always on adventures in nature and an Experienced mountaineer

Tina Kindblom | Market

Tina is a Graphic designer and editor with focus om communication using different platforms as Tv,WWW, Radio,Press and advertising and having more than with more than 20 years experience in the business.. Creates logos, Promotion material, Branding, TV Shows and web pages etc.